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Fenix Products
Question about Fenix products?
Most answers can be found on the manual that came with your Led light. If not, please fee free to email us at info@stupidbright.com
Cree LED Bike Light

How do I know when the battery is done charging?
There is a LED indicator on the charger that lights red when charging, and green when charging is finished. 

How long does it take to charge the batteries?
Approximately 7 - 8.5 hours
Why does my battery pack die after sitting for a week?
Unplug the battery pack from the headlight when not in use. This will prevent slow discharge that will eventually drain the battery pack to 0%. 
How should I properly care for my Lihium Ion rechargeable battery?
To maximize the life of your rechargeable battery pack you will want to disconnect it from the light head when not in use and make sure to charge it completely (1) before its first use, (2) before extended periods of storage, and (3) once a month when not in use. This will ensure that your battery does not "starve" and lose its charge past the point of revival.
What is the LED life span?
Approximately 50,000 hours
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